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Olive Oil - This "liquid gold" as it was called in ancient times is packed with vitamin E and anti-aging antioxidants.
Coconut Oil - Cleanses and moisturizes the skin.
Sustainable Palm Oil - Contains a high concentration of vitamins A & E. Fights bacteria and promotes smooth skin.
Organic Shea Butter - Extremely nourishing and moisturizing with anti-inflammatory properties.
Avocado Oil - Keeps skin soft and supple while providing UV protection.
Sunflower Oil - Evens out skin tones with its high content of vitamin e.

Colloidal Oatmeal - Adds moisture to the skin and is used to soothe various skin ailments, such as eczema.
Kaolin Clay - A gentle clay that provides a mild exfoliation.

*Please keep in mind that all of our handcrafted soaps are created in small batches. Each batch is unique and the colors may vary slightly from the images seen in the listings, however, we do our best to ensure consistency is maintained from one batch to the next.

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