About me

I guess it's time to meet the maker, huh?

Ummmm. Hi, I'm Chrissy. If you cant tell, I am slightly socially awkward. I am ok with that at this point in my life. I have grown to love my quirks. But how did i get here? How did I become the person you decided to trust with your skin? Well, it started with my child that had skin issue jk jk. That's not my narrative at all since i don't have children yet. No, honestly, I have been a craft addict for years now. I started out doing bling and hand-painted letters, then vinyl work and i eventually advanced to custom tumblers. However, none of those crafts i was proficient at felt right. I didn't have the "this isn't a job" feeling.

One night, I saw a lady making soap on YouTube, and instinctively, I knew skincare was my calling. I obsessively watched all of her videos and everyone else that was suggested to me. It became second nature to watch and start finding blogs i could read to learn more information from. Skin became my canvas. I wanted nothing more than to make it healthy. So, I started my company in 2017 under the name Recherche Soapery. 

At that time, I realized my love for skincare was deeper than what the internet could teach me. I enrolled in an esthetician program at Aveda Institute in Hoover, AL. This furthered my fascination with understanding skin and how it works. Once I graduated from Aveda, I needed to come up with a name that encompassed everything I was doing. So, here we are, Decadent Aesthetics was born on June 26, 2019. 

From relaxing baths to body waxing, We are the black owned spa you have been looking for. Decadent Aesthetics is here to fulfil all of your self care needs.